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jumped in this head first naked!

You might want to have a seat for this blog. So have you ever thought of something that you think you might like or be good at and sit back and think, hmm i can do that. EASY! Yeah right well thats me. I like to think if this person can do it then i can too, right. Why not. I have always loved making things look nice and pretty and when i get done with something the best part about it is sitting back at the end looking at what you did and feeling so proud of yourself, feeling like a boss. That being said i have always loved the thought of designing or even just making cups, tshirts, sweat outfits, keychains, ect. Whatever it may be and to see the customers faces when they recieve what i do for them and loving it. Thats enough for me to why i started my own business.

I was always to scared to do it or maybe didnt have the right amount of cash to get me started like i wanted too. So one day i was at home bored looking on youtube watching these girls make different stuff and selling it and i said the heck with it and just did it. So i peeped out what all i needed to buy to get me started which ended up taking weeks for me to decide bc if your like me you want the best tools for your work that way the rest is on the person doing the work and creating the magic. It ended up taking weeks of getting the right supplies bc there was always something that i ended up missing or didnt know about, i actually thought this journey would be more like a walk in the park and turned out being alot more then what it looks like. TIME plays a big part in it. Make sure you have some time on your hands before starting your own business.

Not to mention that same day i got this great idea of doing all this i had to make it all final with getting my website started and my company being legit and getting the word out so hopefully i can start making some of my money back. haha. So my advice to that, Do not do it the way i done it. Learn and get everything you need to know and how to do it before actually creating a website with nothing and knowing nothing to have for it.

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