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Ever feel like giving up!

So here i am with all this stuff to start my tumbler business thinking im going to get rich in the next week after following a youtube influencer! So after spending more then a couple thousand on stuff that i need only to find out that have of it i didnt even need or end up using and then a bunch more stuff that i didnt even buy or know about until i found out. That being said there was definitely alot of up's and down's to it all, some days harder then others thats for sure! So needless to say that theres always more stuff you will need or can use, seems like its never ending spending spending. Which is totally ok if you are making your money back. I am here to say i am not one that jumped on this train and road like a pro, bc i not. But dont worry it does get better as you learn to get better too. After being down a couple days feeling like i wasted all this money and nothing good coming out of this huge project that i expected to be simple and fun i didn't give up. I started talking to more people and trying to put my stuff out there for people to see and notice and i finally started making sells. Not as many as i planned but they did happen, and i was very satisfied with the outcome of my work and what i made. So if you ever wanted to start a business and was to scared you might not make it or people might laugh at you or not like what you have to offer, WHO CARES! Do it anyways.. Its not for everyone to like. But there will be someone who loves what you do or have to offer an you will succeed and it is possible. I am so thankful to be able to share this with you guys and hopefully my story helps someone else that was just like me. I would love that so much. Everyday im still learning as i go and i have had no help besides my husband supporting me every step of the way. I have figured it all out on my own and still moving forward everyday and loving it more and more.

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